Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Analog Heaven and MOTM news

Paul Schreiber has the following to report on the AH meeting, and Synthesis Technology.

I will be back at work Tuesday, instead of the 20th as planned. I have a pile of stuff to ship out, including 900 and 950 power supplies. After I ship the power supplies, I will get to the remaining VCO kit orders, and back to asembled module shipping.

Nice to see everyone at the AH gathering on Sunday. I counted 11 MOTM customers :)

Thanks to Eric who drove out from AZ with the Cloud Generator prototype (that actually worked *all day* without a single glitch). The LiteEngine worked as well (except when I wrecked the serial cable, which Eric re-soldered). Hopefully the folks that listened got a good idea of what it "really sounds like". There are a few minor tweaks to the code (like the FINE tuning range) but the general concensus was it's 'sounds really cool'.

Lastly, thanks to Robert Rich for showing his MOTM setup and patching furiously all day.

Paul S.

I hope to be able to come to the AH next time too, we'll see how that works out :-)



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