Saturday, September 01, 2007

Synthesis Technology, state of the Union address :-)

The following message comes directly from Paul Schreiber at Synthesis Technology, and should explain a lot to all existing, and new customers.


This is just a general message stating where I am and what is going to happen over the next 6 months. I hope I don't ramble too much :)

a) Due to my 'real job' travel schedule this summer and several personal crisis (my dad getting ill, a water pipe broke, tornado/hail destroyed my roof and now my mother-in-law is in hospital) I estimate I'm about 60 modules behind in my shipping.

b) I am starting my 'summer break' (?) starting tomorrow, and it will last until Sept 17th. Except for the 2006 Christmas break, I have worked on MOTM *every week* since. Wife has hit critical mass, so it's time to step back and catch my breath. I will still check email, but will *not ship* until after the break. I have some nice video games lined up, loaded on the HD and graphics drivers updated :) I will also fly out for the AH meeting in Oakland on the 9th. Robert Rich is bringing his touring system and I will have the Cloud Generator demonstrator. I also need to go general housekeeping on the lab/work space, it's pretty messy :) Hmmm...might be enough stuff for an infamous Goodie Box......

c) When I start back up, the MOTM-300 VCO kits are #1 priority. I also has several assembled VCOs to ship.

d) Several people have asked about their kits from last year that are not VCOs. These will ship in November. I have set that time aside for shipping all of remaining kits. And remember, Dec. 15th is the *last* day of the year for MOTM work, when I start up again on Jan. 15th.

e) The Frac VCO is 95% finished in pc layout (the last 8 trace connections are a *bitch*) and that will ship in late October.

f) Even though all of this 'back room' R&D is going on, I still feel shipping the existing orders is first and foremost. There may not be enough time to have a 'Christmas module' (was planning on the Pulse Divider) ready to go (not counting the Frac VCO). I have a feeling that my DDC travel will be more this fall because I have a new territory manager starting in 2 weeks and I will have to vist up in the Midwest states in Oct/Nov/Dec more that usual. So for now, it's:

1 - ship the existing backlog
2 - get Frac VCO out
3 - get Cloud Generator for late Jan/early Feb shipping after the break

g) Lastly, some possibly interesting 'business stuff'

Number of orders placed using the shopping cart (since Feb 2006): 735
Number of total modules *shipped* since the beginning (Feb 1998): 7857
Number of modules shipped in 2007: 132 (not counting MOTM 2.0 stuff)
Number shipped in 2006: 1057
Most popular: MOTM-800 EG
Least popular: MOTM-940 patch panel

Thanks to everyone that has been willing to wait for me the last 18 months.
Don't give up yet: I am getting closer and closer all the time to being 100% finished with all kits and assembled backlog. And then, the AudioEngine madness will begin :)

Paul S.


I guess this post is long enough now. :-)



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