Monday, August 27, 2007

Questions from Paul Schreiber

Paul reports on the developments of the Cloud generator expansion modules, and some interesting new concepts and idea's have emerged, and is looking for your input.
Here is Paul's story.

A "fallout" of designing the expansion module for the Cloud Generator is a nice 4ch (quad) quantizer in a 2U wide panel.

The UI is a 16ch x 2 line LCD with 4 rotary encoders. These select the scale for each channel. LCD displays the scale name. For a relatively small price, I can add a USB port to allow downloading of your own scales (as long as I have people willing to write the host app).
I could aso have 4 pots for transposing the scale (say in 1 semitone steps).
And, there could be a "cascaded S&H mode" where there is a clock (int or ext) to sample input #1, next pulse #1 is copied to #2, etc ("analog shift register"). Maybe that UI is a 3-position toggle with:


Normal is 4 independent S&H channels (sharing the common clock).

I suppose one could go "nuts" and make a super-PSIM whiz-bang but maybe that is later down the road. I want something with less than 1 man-year of SW development :)

So, show me you panel mockups/feature list. The LCD is 80mm lond and 35mm wide. There are 2 encoders on the top and 2 on the bottom.
Oh, as long as there is sufficient "feature creep" but not going overboard, this will sell for $299 assembled which for 4ch is a great deal compared to what is on the market today. And this has a nice LCD, not 'binary encoded' LEDs to figure out.

Paul S.

You can write Paul directly with your suggestions on this on



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone really expect Synthesis Technologies to release another module? The shipping backlog is over a year and remember this 4 year old announcement, from a module announced in 2002? "The smaller MOTM-600 uSeq pc boards are all going to fab by Tuesday. The main
logic board (4 layers with nasty changes needed) is about 2 weeks away. Then all of them go off
for assembly. So, it's marching along, slowly but surely."

6:46 PM  
Blogger K2K Koos said...

I know that shipping some times is very slow, and developments are too, but keep in mind that Synth Tech is someone's hobby, that went out of hand, and now graces us with great stuff, but patience is requiered. The sequencer is still being developed. Recently I heard that the design is being overhauled due to the availability of more powerful processors.
It's not going to be anytime soon, but the backlog of old kit shipments is slowly going away, expected the back log to be caught up by october.

8:22 PM  

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