Sunday, August 26, 2007

About this Blog

I've notided a comment on another blog in regards to this blog, questioning why I repost news that Synthtech posts on the yahoo users group.
Well I do this for a variety of reasons.
A- This is an MOTM blog, so I report on news that Synthesis Technology has to tell, just as many other sites do. As synth tech does not send out press releases etc, the info source is the yahoo group, and to a lesser extend, sometimes via e-mail.
B- Not everyone is , or wants to be subscribed to yahoo news groups, and can therefore find news here, furthermore because SynthTech currently does not update their own website too often, as they are busy enough.
C- I am an enthusiast of MOTM, and therefore I pass on anything that is in relation to MOTM.

I will try and get more original content on this site, but I would appreciate your help too. I fyou have any news, tips, tricks, or nice pictures that involve MOTM synths, then please pass them on and I will post it here


Blogger matrix said...

Well, I for one appreciate this blog. I'm not on the MOTM list, so I find it informative. You also post plenty of other content. Ignore the naysayers and keep doing what you enjoy.

12:19 AM  

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