Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cloud generator development

Hi all,

You may have read previously about the new MOTM Cloud Generator module, that is in development.
Here are some audio samples from the prototype that is under development. Don't judge it as this is not a release version, it may still change a fair bit before it is put into production.

Here are 4 "identical" demos of the MOTM-520 Cloud Generator hardware. The difference is the waveform used. In all cases the audio is unfiltered and mono. The MP3 encoding is 64K, so the overall dynamic range/brightness is somewhat compressed. But you will get the general idea.

Sounds are from turning the front panel controls (Pitch, Spread, Chaos).

Saw demo (My personal favourite! :-) )

Tri demo (Nice )

Sqr Demo (Love this one too :-) )

Sine Demo (hope your speakers are still ok :-) )

Paul Schreiber asks to let him know what you think. So keep in mind, your input may still influence the final design.

Interesting is also that a Cloud Generator expansion module the MOTM-521 is also being developed adding functionality to the cloud generator, even to the extend of a 'poor mans DX 7'. I will report on that as more info becomes available.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A think that Paul is a nice man,that his modules are manufactured with love and this you can find in the quality how they are build and designed.

7:01 AM  
Blogger K2K Koos said...

Yep, I have no problem having to wait , as patience is rewarded with great quality stuff :-)

10:09 AM  

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