Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Music

More of my Music can now be found on my Myspace page.
Except for the first 'dance' track, there are no MOTM synths used in the other tracks, as it is older material.

There are two tracks there that are from a concept album that I never released, and never will probably.
I used to be a big Jean Michel Jarre fan. I'm not too keen on his latests offerings the past 5-6 years but I still buy it to keep a complete collection, and gain some inspiration here and there.
Anyway back to the topic: There are two Oxygene albums that Jarre released himself, and my concept album continues this, as an experiment to see how Jarre could have continued the Oxygene series. I called it Oxygene 14-20 (not very original, but it fits the series). Two of the tracks are now on myspace, Oxygene 15, which is an upbeat track that may remind you of Oxygene 8, and Oxygene 14, which is a remix of the album track that was done by Rene of Studio 35d. The album version is more spacey, meditative, Rene's version is more commercial sounding and actually comes close to Oxygene 4 in character and feel.
Anyway, give them an listen and I look forward to your comments.



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