Monday, July 02, 2007

MOTM update

Hello folks,

Remember Stooge industries? Also , remember their fantastic patch cables? It now turns out that there is still a left over batch in various lengths and colours still available, and Synthesis Technology is considering buying these cables, provided there are enough customers to sell them too. Paul is not going to commit to buying these, unless sufficient can be sold on, and they are very low priced.
Contact Paul for pricing (see e-mail link on synthtech's website) and place your 'order' so that these fine cables will find a great home.

Here is the latests in regards to this, and more around synthtech and MOTM:

a) I have about 60% "commitment level" for the Stooge cables. I know this is a
holiday week, so I'm not going to decide one way to the other until the 15 of July. But again, I *refuse*
to be 'stuck' with a bunch of odd colors/lengths. If you order 30 cables you *will get* 30 cables. As close as I can to what you want.

For example, the most requested is 1ft. So, you might get some 1ft and a few 2ft.

I'm am doing this as a *favor* to the Haneberg's who right now are the ones being 'stuck'. Let's pull together and help them out.

b) I am off all this week, been looking forward to attacking the backlog all year. I will ship *all* MOTM-310 kit backlogs this week, all of the MOTM-510s as well and all of the power supply kits. The rest of the time is assembled modules, over 40 of them shipping out (and 17 Frac modules on top of that).

c) My trip to Oakland for the 9th gathering is booked! Hope to see the bay area MOTMers there.
If you stay until closing, dinner's on me at Scott's Seafood.

Paul S.


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