Saturday, July 07, 2007


More MOTM news yet again from Synthesis Technology:

Update straight from Paul:

The MOTM 'work week' is about over. Despite the 11 *inches* of rain (thankfully today was just a drizzle) a lot got done. All of the outstanding MOTM-310 and MOTM-510 kits are built up and will start shipping next week. I sweet-talked my old tech Shane to put in some time soldering up all of MOTM-830 Mixer assembled backlog, so that module is at least caught up. I built 22 Frac modules and those are shipping tomorrow to Analog Haven. The one thing I didn't get to this week
but will this coming week is all of the power supply backlog shipped out.

About the Stooge cables: another person has agreed to handle this and so I will forward him all of the previous requests. That deal is now between him and the Hanebergs and I am no longer involved. I'll let him "announce" it when he wants to.

The next three weeks will be more "real work" than MOTM. I am still on track to ship over 100 modules in July and another 100 in August which would get me 100% caught up. I think the single biggest chore is building about 15 assembled MOTM-510s but that pcb goes pretty smoothly and shouldn't take that much total time.

Paul S.

So there you go, stuff is moving along nicely, and this means that my 510 Wavewarper should be shipping soon. When it arrives and when it gets installed and used, you shall hear about it :-)


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