Monday, July 16, 2007

A glimpse of the Future

A recent update by Synth Tech revealed a little bit more about the future modules for the MOTM synths.

Paul had the following to report:

a) 25 MOTM-650 pc board sets are being assembled by the contract manufacturer this week. I should get the board sets Friday. This set of 25 should cover *all* existing '650 back-orders. And have like 5 extras :)

b) I am still on track to ship all VCO kits and power supply orders by the end of the month. I still have a few assembled MOTM-300s left to ship, those are tedious to make and calibrate. But 6 are shipping tomorrow so I am making progress.

c) I will send the prototype LiteEngine pc boards out to fab later this week. When they come back and I get them built up (1st week of August) I'll set up a web page and I hope people will offer suggestions for the 36 presets. Just to get you started, there are 2 inputs (Left/Mono and Right) that are sampled.
We can make amplitude (volume) measurements, and we can split the signal into a set of fixed BP filters (like a "color organ") and measure the energy content in each band (we are still crunching on the math/DSP routines, but will have a minimum of 10 bands. Trying for 14). There is 1 CV input called MOD that can be whatever you program it. It's just up to your imagination.

The "output" is a matrix of RGB LEDs. There are 8 horizontal and 16 vertical or 128 total (they are 5mm, pretty big). Each LED can be one of 63 colors (and #64 is off). So, SW routines can read the 2 input channels and the MOD CV
and then "do something". The most obvious is a bank of 'VU Meters' like peak-hold. And all sorts of spectral displays.
And text as well. I'm open for suggestions (there is a LOT of code space and a LOT of internal RAM in this ARM processor, so that is not an issue).

Paul S.

So all in all, the new modules will not only open up new sonic boundries not heard before in a traditional modular synthesizer, but it also promises to be a feast for the eyes. And if you are like me, enjoying pulsing LED's on a black wall filled with knobs and patch cords, you are going to love it! I know I will :-)



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