Monday, August 20, 2007

Motm update

Here is the latest update from Paul:

I am 95% done with the Frac VCO layout, it has turned out to be a littl more time-consuming that anticipated.
But, it will be sent off for prototypes this week (along with a FPE test front panel). I doubt it will be ready for me to bring to the AH (analog heaven) gathering, but I will try (that will depend on my assembly house granting me a time slot for hand building it).

By this Friday, all of the MOTM-310 kits, power supply kits, and MOTM 2.0 orders will be shipped. I then have 3 assembled system orders to ship. When I get back from the AH gathering, the MOTM-300 kits are #1 priority.

Paul S.


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