Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More about Quantizers

So what is that quantizer described below exactly?
Quantization is the process used in analog/digital converters. I'm not going to explain how they work here, I suggest to go to wikipedia or similar, to find out how they work, and you can look up quantizers there too. In the context of the one described below, that Synth tech is developing is as follows:
A quantiser in this context take's a CV, usuallty a pitch CV, and rounds the voltage up or down to the nearest voltage step as defined by the scale set in the quantizer. In it's simplest form it's output will set in incoming pitch CV to the nearest semitone.

Scale is the musical scale that is preloaded or set in the quantizer, be it the normal 'equal tempered scale' used in modern music, or some sort of micro tonal scale, arabic scale or what ever the case may be.


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