Thursday, September 06, 2007

MOTM and Marimba Lumina

Flickr member Max lord reports on his MOTM system, with a Buchla Marimba Lumina as a midi controller.

"This is the MOTM synthesizer that I play and the Buchla Marimba Lumina that I use as a midi controller for just about everything.

Huge props to Jeff Swanson for the amazing new cabinets.

Each cabinet is set up with its own power, and can function individually or together. The new MOTM midi to cv module allows the marimba to send note, trigger, velocity, and bar position for all four mallets. Each cabinet has two oscillators, a wave warper, a 480 CS-80 filter, and a complement of LFOs, EGs and VCAs.

Also, big props to Grant Richter at Wiard for the bizarre MOTM-format noise ring module. "

oh , I Just noticed that Matrix synth posted this as well, so sorry for the double post :-)



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