Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MOTM System of the Week Part 3

This week's system is owned by Gregory from Copenhagen, Denmark. He writes:
I´m doing sounddesign and mixing for TV and Film; Feature, documentaries and commercials.
I´ve had a lot of synths during the years, but around 2000 I threw away all the old midi stuff and concentrated on softsynths.
But I kept my old Korg Mono/Poly (bought second hand in the mid eightties). The sound coming out of this beast, and the joy of tweeking real knobs, did that I couldn´t sell it.
Then someone borrowed me a Doepfer Regelwerk and the combination of a CV/Gate sequencer and the Mono/Poly was great, so I decided to get some more modular.
Wanting something better and bigger than the Doepfer line, I ended up on the MOTM website. And in 2005 I got my first MOTM filters to add to the Mono/Poly.
And when I first fired up the MOTM 440 there was no doubt. This was the best sounding LoPass I´d ever heard.
Later I added a row of dotcom to my synth and now (sept 2007) it consists of MOTM, Dotcom, Modcan, Doepfer, CGS and some DIY. The Mono/Poly is heavily modded with acces to the internal parts through the patchbay. DIY and CGS is hidden in the cabinet with I/O through the patchbay.

He send me some good pictures, and here are two of them.



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