Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good news for my friend

Several months ago ( much closer to a year actually, on october 5th 2006...), I wrote about a music piece, entirely written and recorded with a Sequential circuits Pro One, by a good friend of mine. Turns out, this piece of music (in extended form) will be released in October as a track on the album Analogy, volume 3. It is track 12, called Probe One (original version here), by Studio 35D.
The concept of these albums is to contain music, made only on analog synths, no digital synths and samplers are allowed, only effects and recording may be done digitally. More information on this CD at this link. Official launch will be at the dutch E-live festival 2007 at the Auditorium Technical University Eindhoven, held on October 13th 2007. It is confirmed that among the guest musicians at this festival, will be Ian Boddy, who together with mark Schreeve, will perform as the act ARC.

Congrats to Studio 35D , and I'll be buying a copy.



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