Thursday, September 13, 2007

MOTM 120 first experiment

My MOTM 120 suboctave multiplexer has just arrived in the post, and I quickly mounted it in my synth.
I've created a very quick patch to play around with it a little. It's nothing too shocking yet, and just highlights a basic use of the sub mux. I've created this downloadable file to demonstrate it: SUB MUX
A saw wave is processed through input A, and then through a MOTM 440 LP filter. On this filter a Tri and a Pulse wave are mixed in. During this small sample, these other waves are mixed out , and you can hear just the saw wave, and the sub octaves being mixed in. The MOTM 120 is also switched to the Cross mode, and a signal from an LFO is mixed in, briefly, before returning to normal operation, with the additional waves mixed back in.
It does demonstrate that this module can add some additional punch to the sound.



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