Saturday, September 15, 2007

Goodie box time.

Every so often, usually once a year, Synth Tech sells a goodie box with left over parts, etc. Excellent stuff for the DIY builder.

This year the following is on offer, straight from Paul:

This weekend is "fall cleanup" here in the MOTM lab. Offering the (in)famous MOTM Goodie Box, full of "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Known items include:

a) Roland ISA card LAPC-1 "Sound Canvas" card with (if I can find the floppies) a librarian/editor and lots of sounds/MIDI files. Including a decent Karn Evil 9 ditty. That I did like...errr...1986?

b) MOTM blank boards

c) SMT parts (resistors/caps/ICs) and other MOTM parts (usually left-over from building prototypes).

d) random CDs

e) AT&T digital answering machine

f) a Rabbit 2000 uP dev board (Z-80 variant) has Ethernet MAC/PHY.

g) random computer parts like video cards, CD-ROM drives, etc.

You know the drill: PayPal only, email your *bid* ($130 starting, bid *includes* FedEx Ground postage). Will ship next week. Please bid by Monday

Paul S. Send your bid to: Paul Schreiber


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