Thursday, September 20, 2007

MOTM system of the week part 2.

This week , I am featuring the MOTM modular of Jim Gordon. You've seen his set up in action a few posts ago on the youtube video I posted. Here are the details of his synth, with a nice diagram of his racks. He writes: "The 4 spaces on the left rack are waiting for 2 more 300s. The 3 spaces on the right rack are uncomitted. Maybe for a Cloud Generator, maybe Cynthia's Zero Oscillator.

I use the MOTM for leads, basses, and lots of "post-production" filtering.

To my ears analog synths often have presence and depth lacking in digital gear. I think this is because analog synths have :

1. No anti-aliasing filters, no high frequency cut.
2. No digitized waveforms, a sine wave is a sine wave.
3. Phase coherency: upper harmonics arrive at the same time as the fundamental."

Remember: You can have your synth featured on this blog, it doesn't need to be big, or finished at all, it is great to see systems with different design approaches, ideas, and various stages of construction, and do not have to be exclusively containing MOTM, if it contains just one module, then that's okay. :-) Send your pics and stories to:



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Thanks for posting. I am digging the series.

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