Saturday, October 06, 2007

MOTM system of the week Part 4

This week the modular of Michael Stein, he writes: My system is 1/2 .com & 1/2 MOTM w/ some Blacet and Encore. I chose these companies because of their large format (1/4" jacks, big knobs). got me started w/ the entry system plan as I acquired MOTM kits and second hand modules along the way. MOTM and .COM are both great companies. Very good build quality and performance. I will admit MOTM does out-do .com in quality a little bit but the price difference makes that apparent. I get a little noise from my .com filters and amps (some say it could be there position in my cabinet in relation to my power supply). The MOTM oscillator is a little more to my liking in sound. The triangle and square waves are a little more edgy I could say. But I still use the .com osc's more b/c of the handy range switch (w/ crs mod). I can quickly change octaves per osc. and they stay in tune as I am trying to create a new tonal patch. Everyone loves Oscs. and filters so lets cover filters. The .Com filters a very nice sounding and the multimode is great because of the individual outputs for LP, BP, N, & HP, I do have to complain about only having two inputs, if I want to run 3 osc. I have to use up my mixer, same goes for if I wanted to run a feedback loop of any kind when using 2 osc's. Motm filters....WOW......everyone says how much they love the 440(prophet 5 clone) which I do too but I just got the 480(cs-80 clone) recently and it goes from beautiful to harsh to extreme so easily. You can get so many different timbres out of it with the basic VCO>VCF>VCA set-up. Some people might not like how it does not self resonate but it sounds amazing. I probably wrote too much and did not cover that much.

Thanks Michael for sharing your synth with us.



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