Sunday, October 07, 2007

Update from Paul

a) I am almost done shipping the outstanding power supply kits. This will be done by this Friday. A few are going out Monday, the rest Friday.

b) If you have MOTM-700 pc boards on order: I just received these today, so they will ship later this week.

c) If you have MOTM-910s on order: I am making a slight pc board change with the prototypes, boards will be back on the 23rd. I have all the panels and all the jacks.

d) Note that many CEM ICs are getting to the end of my supply. I have just 11 CEM3310s left. I cannibalized a busted Roland synth for a few CEM3360s. If you have older gear with these ICs, may think about stocking while I have them. I have 2ea CEM5530s for the Prophet VS. Every now and then, I can get some more but as time goes on, this is getting more and more difficult.

e) For the next 2 weeks, I will have less MOTM time available. Also, my father is now in a out-patient recovery/rehab clinic trying to get his strenght back from the gall bladder removal a few weeks back. So this is stressing me out a bit along with taking my son in for X-rays after the last football game (complaining of swollen wrist). I don't think there is a break but won't know until Monday PM. I did manage to ship 17 orders last week, so it wan't too bad :) Teas lost, and Texas A&M won today. Again, things could be worse.

f) If you are owed a MOTM-310 *kit*, please let me know as I want to ship all of the remaining ones this coming week. Then, it's time for the MOTM-300 kits and assembled MOTM-510s (there are around 8 of those I have to make up).

Paul S.


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