Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MOTM of the Week

Hello again. It's been a while since I have updated this blog. My apologies, work and internet access issues have prevented me from doing so. However, we're up and running, so here is the next MOTM of the week. This one is from Jason Proctor. He writes:
just chiming in here with a picture and some details of the Red Fish modular synth. i thought i'd better get round to this quick before my dwindling finances force me to sell of some (more) pieces of it.

the system has been through various different phases, starting out being a 3-oscillator monosynth with 9 (!) filters, then it grew a bit to include some CGS control stuff and a Zeroscillator, then my financial situation forced a bit of a shrinkdown. i've all but abandoned most of the control stuff, it's now back to being a 3-oscillator (with Miniwave) monosynth again. the crazy control stuff i'm planning will now happen in software.

module list, top left to bottom right --

Oakley MIDI-DAC, issue 2
Blacet MIDI sync with CGS pulse divider
Red Fish Chester 4-channel noise generator
MOTM-380 Quad LFO
CGS dual minimal (no shift register) gated comparator

Oakley EFG
Hendry JLH-822 interval selector
MOTM-490 ladder VCF (with mil-spec components, ask PaulS about this one)
Oakley dual sample & hold
MOTM-700 dual vc switch
CGS dual minimal (no shift register) gated comparator

Hendry 2U power supply / mult

Oakley VCO issue 4
Oakley VCO issue 3
Blacet VC envelope
MOTM-800 envelope
MOTM-800 envelope

Blacet/Wiard Miniwave with Roberts/Proctor 32x64 wavetable hack
CGS 4-way bandpass filter bank
Tellun TLN-442 CEM3320 4-pole LPF
Tellun TLN-428 CEM3320 2-pole multimode
Oakley Multimix
Wilson dual log/lin VCA

MOTM-420 multimode
MOTM-440 SSM clone LPF
MOTM-440 SSM clone LPF
Oakley Superladder (Moog version)
Wilson dual log/lin VCA

Hendry 2U power supply / mult

other instruments in pic -

SCI Prophet VS keyboard & rack
Yamaha DX7
Seventh Circle rack with Neve clone preamp

Ask if you want to know more.
Thanks for a great blog.

Thanks Jason!
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