Thursday, November 08, 2007


It's hard to keep a blog updated when traveling, I found thus far. I'm currently on board Holland America's MS Rotterdam, crossing from Dakar to Recife, Brasil. It's great to have internet on board, but it is so slow, due to satellite restrictions....
Anyway, found the time to work on some music, be it not on the MOTM, but some sequences that I made in Logic Pro, and will transfer to midi files when I get back home and let them loose on the MOTM, to record them back as audio into Logic.
That way, I can still be active with music, eventhough I don't have direct access to the synth. Currently, I also do not have any kits with me, as I tend to do a little soldering when I am away too, so it's all a bit slow. Hopefully though, you , the reader of all this, are making up for it, and perhaps have a nice synth to show of to the world, send them to and I will post them on this blog for everyone to enjoy your hard labor.



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