Wednesday, December 19, 2007

merry Christmas from the Robot makers

Roger Pellegrini of Robotmaker fame, writes :

Being an ELP fan from way back, I got a couple of the MOTM GX-1 filters, patched up something like the weird VCO structure (with saw routed thru fixed bandpass and the sine added in) and created a few banks of representative samples in Kontakt. Instant GX-1!

I layered a few and used them in the chorus (it's the polyphonic bit played on the Novation Remote SL controller) of this one-take video, which is entirely analog modular synth (plus a Minimoog) played live with a few previously recorded backing tracks:

Watch this clip.

Happy Holidays from Robotmakers!

PS: The E-mu Emax keyboard is being used as a MIDI controller ->
Encore Expressionist -> Blacet Miniwaves with wave banks modulated by dotcom Q960 -> Moog904a -> Eventide Instant Phaser


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