Monday, December 10, 2007

Another update already :-)

a) I had to travel much of last week, but was able to build up all of the 850 and 890 kits that are on order.

b) I am still working on order #300 and below to ship as much of that backlog as possible (with 'leftover' kits shipping out for all order numbers). I have to finish building 12 assembled modules, and make up some 910 mults (back to hand wiring, the pcbs won't be here on time). There are 61 modules total in this set of orders left to ship. Just looking over the remaining module types, I'll ship ~40 of the 61 in the backlog.

c) Independent of that set of 61, I am making up some MOTM-300 kits as well.

d) I am due MOTM-19A mounting rails by this coming Friday.

e) Here is a quick photo of the breadboard of the MOTM-521 Cloud Generator Expansion showing the LCD 'talking to' the ARM CPU and encoders. Up next:
USB-to-serial interface.

Paul S.


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