Thursday, November 22, 2007

another update

the latest update from Paul Schreiber.

a) due to my "day job" schedule, I will actually ship modules up until Dec 20th.

b) there will be 2 'groups' of modules: those shipped Nov 26-30 and those shipped Dec 15-20. So....if you don't get a 'Happy Email' for the first batch, you can email me and I will let you know if I think you will be getting something in the second batch.

c) Note that I am shipping these by *module*: meaning, I am making up sets of modules, then I will go through the backlog old to new, and ship all I have made up of those modules.

d) I don't have enough time to ship every module to every person. The backlog is about 356 modules total, and I expect to be shipping about 200 of them. Whatever is left over, will ship out by mid-Feb.

e) I am almost 100% done with the existing MOTM 2.0 orders. <10 orders left to ship

f) I am expecting mounting rails Nov. 28th.

g) still waiting for log pots to arrive from France.

h) be sure you have your credit/debit cards *ready to be charged* starting this Friday.

Paul S.


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