Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MOTM update

The latest straight from Paul :

a) I am in the process of kitting up *all* of the remaining VCO, MOTM-510, MOTM-380, MOTM-850 and MOTM-890 orders. These will start shipping Jan 28th.

b) I'm having more connector boards wave-soldered this week (for the 900/950 supplies, MOTM-960s).

c) As predicted, real 'work' has most of my Jan. bandwidth. However, I am doing what I can as time allows. I have to do my taxes this weekend (takes about 12hrs). Always interesting to see what the postage costs (usually around $8,500).

d) My 10th MOTM anniversary will be Feb. 14, 2008! I hope to have module #8100 shipped by then. I guess the next milestone will be #10,000. That seems "out of reach" but then again I never expected to see #5000, either :) I suppose Doepfer is pushing #20,000 by now, which is about the same *sales dollars* as I am now. Not shabby as a part-time hobby out of the spare bedroom. Plus I've sold ~70 Frac modules and ~90 blank pc boards.

I guess Paul will be busy for a while :-)



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