Saturday, January 26, 2008

Power boards

Looks like I may need some of those beads I reported on earlier.

I received my MOTM-960 power distribution board a while ago, while I was traveling. The board is of the usual build quality, but one item you should be aware of when you order such a board, is that it does not come with any spacers , screws or other hardware. I guess this is not surprising, since there are loads of ways people may mount this board in their synths.
I ordered the board for two reasons:
-Future expansion of the synth
-Some cables are pretty tight, and are nearly under tension running from the power supply to the module.
I"m planning on mounting the board in the center TOP of the synth, so that the distance between the board and the various modules is reduced. The reason that I opted for the TOP is that it is much closer to a possible expansion cabinet that may (or may not) find it's way sometime in the future, placed on top of the current cabinet. And therefore be closer to modules fitted in that additional case. If you have any other ideas or suggestions in regards to mounting this board, I'd like to know, for my own benefit, and that of other blog readers. Cheers.



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